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The Pimple: More Familiar Faces

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy2 CommentsAug 20, 2009

As noted in yesterday’s post, it seems the stories we are witnessing from the NFL seem to involve many of the same characters: Terrell Owens: The “T.O. Show” is getting a lot of press in Canada because Buffalo is close to Toronto, and Toronto wishes it was Buffalo (ZING!). I can only shake my head […]

The Pimple: Brett Favre, Man-Child of a Generation

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy5 CommentsAug 19, 2009

Welcome to 2009’s first edition of The Pimple, my literary foray into the world of the National Football League. The 2009 season already has a number of riveting sub-plots, but the cast of characters is strikingly similar to past years: Brett Favre: For one we have The Buffoon deciding that after all, he’s not done […]

Soccer Pimp: ESPN’s Sports Guy Sees The Light

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy3 CommentsAug 18, 2009

I quit reading Bill Simmons a few years ago when it seemed 9 out of 10 columns were dedicated to a sport I have no time for – basketball.  Moonturk forwarded this amazing article Simmons wrote following his trip to Azteca to watch the U.S.A. take on Mexico in a World Cup qualifier last week. […]

The Twit: Of Alex Rios, Michael Vick and Patrick Kane…

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy3 CommentsAug 11, 2009

…and Michael Schumacher and Roger Federer and other goodies. – Yesterday Alexis Rios became a member of the Chicago White Sox, at no cost to them save for his inflated (we believe) salary. It’s really too bad it didn’t work out in Toronto and I feel that he should have been given a crack in […]

The Rosin Bag: Emerging From The Madness

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy2 CommentsAug 05, 2009

Wondering why I’ve been quiet? To be honest, I lost a whole lot of respect for the sports media, both mainstream and blogger-based, over the past month. The whole Halladay Fiasco turned some of the reporters and commentators I respected most into TMZ-style Twitter-twits, one long stream of consciousness with little intelligent opinion or fact-based […]