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Gargs Come Oh, So Close To First Victory

Posted by Redd FissherComments Off on Gargs Come Oh, So Close To First VictoryJun 27, 2009

OTTAWA (ODB) — The Avnet Gargoyles will be chewing on this one for a long time. Like a dog with a bone. Laced with peanut butter. Taking the slimmest of possible leads into the top of the seventh, the Gargs saw an opportunity to snap a nasty 12-game losing streak snatched from them with precision. […]

The Twit: U.S.A., Wimbledon and the NHL Draft

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy3 CommentsJun 25, 2009

I’m on holidays, but thought I’d chime in on a couple of sports happenings: – The U.S.A. beating Spain in the Confederations Cup semi-final was a shock to everyone, and actually gave the tournament some significance – no small feat. You have to wonder just how genuine that result turns out to be, however, when […]

Gargs Whipped By Wings; Make It An Even Dozen Losses

Posted by Redd FissherComments Off on Gargs Whipped By Wings; Make It An Even Dozen LossesJun 24, 2009

OTTAWA (ODB) — The Ottawa Avnet Gargoyles ended the first half of their OCSL season the same way they began it: with a resounding loss. This time, it was the Wings who clipped the Men in Black, 18-7, on a muggy night at Hampton Yards. “That second inning went bad,” said Todd Duckworth (L, 0-5), […]

Feet of Clay: Wimbledon Feeling Kinda Empty

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy7 CommentsJun 22, 2009

No one likes pulling out, much less a fierce competitor like Rafael Nadal (my female readers probably just felt a tinge of excitement there). When Rafa confirmed that he was not competing at Wimbledon, there was a whooshing sound emanating from the All-England Club as the air was sucked out of this year’s tournament. Although […]

The Twit: TFC Moves On and Other Musings

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy1 CommentJun 22, 2009

Just a lot going on right now (yay for summer!), so let’s recap with an edition of The Twit: – Toronto FC are your 2009 Voyageurs Cup Champions! TFC rolled into Montreal on Thursday and destroyed the Impact reserves 6-1 (remember, they needed a four-goal win to better the Vancouver Whitecaps). It was a disgraceful […]

My Heavens, Gargs Make It 0-11

Posted by Redd Fissher2 CommentsJun 18, 2009

OTTAWA (ODB) — Sometimes you have to go looking under couch cushions for positives, but if there was something of benefit we can pull from the chesterfield of Tuesday night’s 12-3 defeat at the hands of Lacroix Sports, it was that the Gargs had some chances to beat or to at least compete with the […]

Soccer Pimp: Storm Clouds @ TFC

Posted by Ottawa Sports GuyComments Off on Soccer Pimp: Storm Clouds @ TFCJun 17, 2009

Toronto FC, the soccer team that operates in the highest possible echelon of the sport in this country, is on the brink of going down for the second straight year in the Voyageurs Cup (or as it is know to corporate types, the Canadian Nutrilite Championship). TFC takes on the Montreal Impact tomorrow night needing […]

The Rosin Bag: Roy Halladay’s Turn

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy6 CommentsJun 17, 2009

Had the universe not collapsed on itself last Friday, when Roy Halladay stepped off the mound in the fourth inning and caused my heart to skip multiple beats, the Good Doctor would be taking his turn in the rotation tonight to follow up on a fantastic come-from-behind win against the Phillies last night. Instead, we […]

Frozen Vulcan: Free At Last

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy20 CommentsJun 17, 2009

Yes, this does feel like an obligatory post to mark the end of the NHL season. I’m sure I’m not the only who’s relieved that it’s over. The Pittsburgh Penguins are the Stanley Cup champions, Sydney Crosby gets a Cup at only 21 years of age, Evgeny Malkin has one over Alexander Ovechkin and the […]

Zoom Zoom: 2009 LeMans Defeats All Contenders

Posted by Ottawa Sports GuyComments Off on Zoom Zoom: 2009 LeMans Defeats All ContendersJun 16, 2009

At one point on Saturday morning, two hours into the start of the 24 Hours of LeMans, I turned to my brother and said: “There’s been more entertainment bang for our buck in two hours of this than in all other auto racing so far this season combined”. He had no quarrel with that assertion. […]