NASL Fantasy Player Pool: RULES

Posted by MimglowComments Off on NASL Fantasy Player Pool: RULESMar 18, 2016
NASL Fantasy Player Pool: RULES

1. Entry to the pool is 10$. If you see me often, entry fee can be paid in cash in person. If not, please send an Interac Email Money Transfer through your online banking to Also, you can pay with PayPal or as a last resort you can send me a cheque.

2. Winner will get 60% of winnings, runner-up will receive 30% and 3rd place will receive 10%.

3. The season, like the NASL season, will play out in two parts. The first part will be from April 2nd to June 12th. While the summer break is on (June 3rd to July 2nd), you may make wholesale changes to your line-up ONCE.

4. In each half season, you will be allowed 3 substitutions into your team to replace an existing player. Please note, however, that a player taken out of your line-up cannot be brought back in at any point for the rest of the campaign.

5. The composition of your squad will be as follows:

1 Keeper

4 Defenders

4 Midfielders

2 Forwards

6. You will be limited to 2 players per club in your squad at any one time. An exception to this rule is if a player is loaned or transferred after you’ve selected him – he counts as a player for the club he was on when you selected him. If a player is transferred to a non-Premier League team, you will not be charged a substitution to replace him.

7. Point distribution will be as follows:

Points NASL

8. Players must be on the pitch to collect points. For Clean Sheets for substituted players: a player shall earn a Clean Sheet if he was on the pitch at any time for a team that got a Clean Sheet. If he was on and didn’t allow a goal but gets subbed out and his team concedes, he does not get a Clean Sheet.

9. Player Positions will be set before the season starts, and will remain locked for the remainder of the calendar year. Debate and changes on what a particular player’s position should be will be settled before every season.

10. Points will be amassed for NASL regular season, US Open Cup and Voyageurs Cup.

11. Player selection is not restricted to Player List in this spreadsheet, although I’ve tried to make it exhaustive.

12. Stats will be compiled using NASL’s Opta Stats. I will also be relying on the NASL website to determine player positions (K, D, M, F)