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The Rosin Bag: A.J. Still Our Bitch

Posted by Ottawa Sports GuyComments Off on The Rosin Bag: A.J. Still Our BitchMay 13, 2009

Everyone is asking me about the Blue Jays. Friends, colleagues, family members. I’m in Ottawa and everybody wants to talk to me about the Blue Jays. What is this, 1993? I’ve gone from getting sideways looks after uttering “28 days until pitchers and catcher report” to “Dude did you see Halladay last night? Freaking awesome!”. […]

The Rosin Bag: Sportsnet’s Most Anticipated Game

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy1 CommentMay 12, 2009

According to Sporsnet I’m supposed to feel stoked about tonight’s matchup between Roy Halladay and his former understudy douchebag A.J. Burnett. Don’t worry, I am quite excited about the game, but like I’ve already mentioned I think Sportsnet went over the top by promoting it as the most anticipated game of the season. I’ll simply […]

The Rosin Bag: Blue Jays 2006 = Failure?

Posted by MimglowComments Off on The Rosin Bag: Blue Jays 2006 = Failure?Sep 22, 2006

Seems like everywhere you turn recently, you’ll find someone eager to pile on the 2006 Blue Jays and label their season a total failure, a huge disappointment and a colossal waste of money futilely spent. That may well be the case for people who had predicted the Blue Jays as their dark horse World Series […]