The Twit: Of Alex Rios, Michael Vick and Patrick Kane…

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy3 CommentsAug 11, 2009
Rios off to the playoffs - not much of a penalty for sucking

Rios off to the playoffs - not much of a penalty for sucking

…and Michael Schumacher and Roger Federer and other goodies.

– Yesterday Alexis Rios became a member of the Chicago White Sox, at no cost to them save for his inflated (we believe) salary. It’s really too bad it didn’t work out in Toronto and I feel that he should have been given a crack in centre field over Vernon Wells. But don’t feel too bad for him. He becomes the starting centre fielder on a team in the thick of a pennant race. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finally finds his moxy after this move. Blair seems to think this is yet another sign that Rogers has pretty much given up on competing. I’m not willing to concede that…yet.

– Thanks to my hiatus, I haven’t really had the opportunity to chime in on the Michael Vick issue. Those of you that know me might be surprised to hear this, but I agree with the decision to let him back into the league. As far as I’m concerned he’s paid his dues to society according to the laws in place. I don’t want him on my team (the Dolphins), and what he did still disgusts me, but if some GM out there want to risk alienating his fan base, I say go for it. My feeling is that he’ll land somewhere before the season starts so he can immediately start serving his six-game suspension (which I agree with, since he had lied to club and league officials about his off-the-field issues). In my view the best fits would be Minnesota, San Francisco, Buffalo or Cleveland (ironically, the Dawg Pound).

– Innocent until proven guilty, but come on now. The accusations Patrick Kane faces regarding the beating of a cab driver for refusing to provide 20 cents in change have a certain authenticity that only someone who grew up in a small town with a AAA midget hockey team can relate to. Most star players have been raised to believe that the world is their oyster and should a plebeian step out of line in denying them something, consequences must follow. Society has a way of protecting these patricians until the day it doesn’t. For a long time the media protected players from all kinds of unsavory reporting, but those days are long gone and star athletes need to realize that off the ice/field/track/court, they must play by the same rules as everyone else.

– Turning to F1, which I’ve stopped writing about because most of the action happens off the track, had me excited about its next race if only to see what Michael Schumacher could bring to the track in a comeback necessitated by Felipe Massa’s frightening and possibly career-ending injury. Not too fast, though, as the word is that he is pulling out due to injuries incurred in a biking accident earlier in the year. Oh well, maybe reports that Jacques Villeneuve will come back to the circuit with USF1 will bear fruit and turn my attention back to this rotting sport.

– I’m almost embarrassed that both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are playing at the Rogers Cup in Montreal and I’m not going to check them out. Bad tennis fan! Bad!

– Oh and yeah, I am in interest to see if Tiger Woods can win the PGA Championship. Might even watch a bit of it if he’s in contention on Sunday.

– Is there an issue I’ve overlooked in the past month that you’d like to see me cover? Let me know in the comments section.

3 Responses to "The Twit: Of Alex Rios, Michael Vick and Patrick Kane…"

  1. Steph D says:

    Rios: It’s incredible to see such a promising player fall from grace that fast just for an off-year. He signs his big contract, and right away it starts casting a shadow on his performance. The slump snowballs with the off-field incident with the fan, and all of a sudden, Rios has to be dumped. WTF? Let’s keep in mind, he’s 28, and while slumping, his numbers aren’t that bad. Yes, he’s got a TON of cash tied to his deal, but that doesn’t kick in for a few years yet. His performance this year hasn’t been that far from what his salary would project for 2009. Admittedly, he’d be vastly overpaid if he’s 09 numbers were repeated throughout the rest of the deal, but if he bounced back next year, he’d be compensated fairly. To give him up for nothing is a massive blow to the franchise. Pardon me for using a hockey analogy, but if the Sens put Heatley on waivers just to rid themselves of salary, the lost asset would be a big blow to the franchise.

    Kane: Agreed. The worst part in all this is the lesson the aftermath is sending to those Midget players. If you got cash and some powerful agents and attorneys, they’ll help you pay off the victim and make this all go away so you don’t have to face the music. I get the impression that once the Cabbie takes the settlement and changes his story, the charges will be dropped, and with no criminal charges, the NHL will turn a blind eye, thus reinforcing Kane (and every other prima donna)’s self-righteous egos. Great message for the kids.

  2. Steph D says:

    As for Vick, I agree, he’s been through a lot over the past 2 years, and it’s cost him dearly, and will continue to impact his life from here on in, regardless if he can find a team wililng to give him a shot.

    That said, I still find it utterly stupefying that Vick ended up with almost 2 years in prison, while Dante Stallworth KILLS A MAN while driving under the influence, and he avoids any incarceration. Maybe it’s just me and my Canadian upbringing, but I have a hard time believing that anyone in Canada wouldn’t get thrown in jail, no matter how much cash you’ve got, for such an offense.

    It’s pretty sad when society has to look to it’s professional sports leagues to hand out supplementary discipline because the court system isn’t doing enough. Yeesh.

  3. Steph D says:

    Oh, on the Kane front, let’s now add in some impressive character assassination work by Kane’s legal team. They’ve torn through the cabbie’s past like a pack of pitbulls, and dragged out every single shred they could to vilify him.

    So here’s my updated lesson for the kids:

    If you got cash and some powerful agents and attorneys, they’ll help you discredit the victim, forcing them into accepting a payoff, and make this all go away so you don’t have to face the music.