The Twit: TFC Moves On and Other Musings

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy1 CommentJun 22, 2009
Improbable Champs

Improbable Champs

Just a lot going on right now (yay for summer!), so let’s recap with an edition of The Twit:

– Toronto FC are your 2009 Voyageurs Cup Champions! TFC rolled into Montreal on Thursday and destroyed the Impact reserves 6-1 (remember, they needed a four-goal win to better the Vancouver Whitecaps). It was a disgraceful act on the part of the Impact to field a bunch of reserves in a match that was uber-meaningful to both TFC and Vancouver. That’s a bush league move. Fans in Vancouver have every right to be livid, and Impact supporters took a page from the TFC Supporters Handbook by only showing up to the Impact’s next game at halftime, stating: “If the Impact are only going to show up for a 50% effort, we will do the same”. Fan power, baby.

– Mike Weir gave golf a little shot in the arm in Canada by being amongst the leaders following the second round. Then, he faded from view.

Sign this man before someone else does!

Sign this man before someone else does!

– So the Jays sweep the defending Champs, then are one loss away from being swept by the worst team in maybe ever (the Nationals are hovering near the 1967 Mets record at this point in the season), despite stellar pitching performances by Brian Tallet and Brett Cecil. Way to pick up your starters, Jays bats. One game out of the playoffs near the halfway point of the season, boys – let’s get some help (SIGN PEDRO!!)

– F1 has turned into one big clusterfuck. Eight teams (that’s 80% of the current F1 roster) are now saying they’re breaking away to form a new series with lower ticket prices, greater accessibility, transparency and more teams. Something tells me there’s a lot of posturing going on and in the end peace will be achieved (and it will be a victory for the teams). Surely cooler heads will prevail before they wreck the sport in the exact same manner as IRL and CART did in fighting their civil war for a decade before re-uniting.

– Italy got unceremoniously dumped from the Confederations Cup, losing to Brazil yesterday. The USA made it through to the semi-finals by the skin of their teeth, tied with the Azzurri on points but having scored one more goal in their three matches. Nothing’s guaranteed in soccer, but it’s looking more and more like a Spain v. Brazil final. The Confederations Cup is a second rate tourney that is a glorified dress rehearsal for the host country of next year’s World Cup, but the teams have fielded their best players which gives the results some credibility.

– Who’s the Blue Jays ace right now? Scott Richmond or Ricky Romero? Those are two rookies, by the way. Oh, and will Dustin McGowan ever pitch again? Sign Pedro.

One Response to "The Twit: TFC Moves On and Other Musings"

  1. Steph D says:

    From the rumours I keep hearing, I think the Pedro’s ship has sailed for the Jays.

    And if they don’t start showing signs of closing the 5 game gap with the top teams in the AL East while Doc’s in the sick bay, then I think JP (with ownership’s urging) will hold off on any improvements, by signing or trading, and unofficially write off the season.

    The Jays are a fun team to watch this year, but the inconsistency in their game is doing to do them in, in the toughest division. The AL East is the only spot where 4 teams are above .500, and the lowly Orioles are only 5 games under. Here’s hoping they’ll prove me wrong!