My Heavens, Gargs Make It 0-11

Posted by Redd Fissher2 CommentsJun 18, 2009
A performance that was gag-worthy, from both sides

A performance that was gag-worthy, from both sides

OTTAWA (ODB) — Sometimes you have to go looking under couch cushions for positives, but if there was something of benefit we can pull from the chesterfield of Tuesday night’s 12-3 defeat at the hands of Lacroix Sports, it was that the Gargs had some chances to beat or to at least compete with the best team in the A division.

And 12-3 isn’t exactly a blowout, eh?

Things started off not-so-badly with Kevin Emmerson (0-5) retiring the first two batters, but a solo shot made it 1-0 Lacroix after one and some shabby defence made it 2-0 an inning later.

When Lacroix put up a five-spot in the third, it wasn’t looking too good for the Men in Black, but they loaded the bases in the bottom half, only to run themselves out of the inning and were forced to settle for a walked-in run, with Mark Brennae at the plate.

“Grumble. *@#*^##,” was about all Mark would say after the game, over beers at the W. “We had a chance to win but then we #$%@##%#$,” he said, sipping a cold Molson. “&^@#^#%#%,” said another Garg.

It was that kind of night for the Avnet Gargoyles, who remain winless (0-11) in this OCSL season.

The Gargs were guilty of mental errors in the field and on the basepaths and by the fourth, with Lacroix leading 8-1, it became a laugher. At least to Lacroix. Members of the top-flying A club were overheard belittling their opposition with French-language comments such as (translated) “Pad your stats, boys,” which didn’t sit well with the Gargs.

At one point, Lacroix baserunners slowed down at second and third to try to set up a potential grand slam for one of their sluggers, but it didn’t matter. Classless acts aside, Lacroix was the better team in every category and the Gargs deserved their fate.

If they are planning to end the first half of the season with a victory and to start the second half on a few better cleats, the Gargs would be well-advised to know: how many outs there are in the inning; when not to attempt to advance a base when baserunners are paramount; to be prepared at the plate; to hit the cutoff man; and not to worry about what the other team is doing, rather than what each Garg is doing.

Fans filing out of Hampton Yards Tuesday were no doubt, mumbling “Get in the game, Gargs.”

They would be correct.

Sure, the club is out for fun. But it could be argued that it isn’t much fun when full mental effort isn’t given. Physical mistakes are fine. They are part of the game. Mental mistakes are frustrating. Just as a foolishly thrown bat can frustrate the unfortunate who happens to take some dust and pebbles in the eye in the only instance that bat made contact all evening.

Gargs Largs: Théo Gauthier was in uniform but sat out the game with a lower-body injury suffered in a collision with 2B Glen in a game June 15 . . . Bruce Turcotte returned to shortstop and made a couple of fine plays . . . The Gargs shuffled their lineup and placed C Mark Brennae in the cleanup spot. He promptly responded with his first K of the season. Glen continued to get on base, with 2-3, two-run night . . . The Gargs game Sunday, June 21 vs. Acadiens has been postponed. It will be made up Tuesday, July 14 (9 p.m.) at Hampton Yards . . . The Gargs round out the first half of the season Tuesday, when they host the Wings (9 p.m.) at Hampton Yards. They take on the Yankees two nights later (9 p.m.) at Carlington Park.

Glen McGregor 2-3, 2runs, BB
Neal 1-2, run, BB
Bruce Turcotte 0-2, BB
Mark Brennae 0-2, BB, RBI
Todd Duckworth 1-2, BB
Zach Schowalter 1-3, RBI
Ken Wong 1-2, BB, RBI
Brian McGregor 0-3
Serge Leclerc 0-1, BB, HBP
Karl Bélanger 0-0, BB
Mathieu Gauthier 0-2

Kevin Emmerson (L, 0-5), 3.1 IP, 8 runs (6earned) 10 hits 1BB 3K
Todd Duckworth 2.2 IP 4 runs (4earned) 7H 0K 0BB

Lacroix   1 1 5 1 3 1   12 17 2
Gargs     0 0 1 0 2 0     3  6  4
Time: 1:39
Att.: 6.

2 Responses to "My Heavens, Gargs Make It 0-11"

  1. Mimglow says:

    Kinda sad when you consider the Gargs were a Championship team two seasons ago.

    – Ottawa Sports Guy

  2. Steph D says:

    Will the Gargs challenge the Detroit Lions this year??