The Rosin Bag: Roy Halladay’s Turn

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy6 CommentsJun 17, 2009
Gut punch moment

Gut punch moment

Had the universe not collapsed on itself last Friday, when Roy Halladay stepped off the mound in the fourth inning and caused my heart to skip multiple beats, the Good Doctor would be taking his turn in the rotation tonight to follow up on a fantastic come-from-behind win against the Phillies last night.

Instead, we get Scott Richmond.

It only seems so bad because of what could have been, but Richmond has been effective in most of his starts this year even though I’m constantly thinking of impending doom when he’s on the mound. He’s 4-3 with a 3.90 ERA this year, so I’ll take a deep breath and approach tonight’s game with cautious optimism.

One’s outlook can only grow more rosy when you consider that Jamie Moyer is the opposing pitcher and that over his career he’s been knocked around by many of the current Blue Jays. His dreadful 6.11 ERA this year  should make for yummy birdfeed. Let’s just hope the boys in blue (or is it black, gray or white tonight?) can push runners across the plate when given the opportunity

Meanwhile, it looks like Halladay might be available to pitch on Saturday against the Reds, but might be held back for fear that he might have to run the bases. Add one more notch on my scoreboard of disdain for the DH rule. It’s gotten to the point where AL teams coddle pitchers so much that just the prospect of having to swing a bat or run 360 feet is enough to put them on the shelf next to the china. We wouldn’t be having this problem if AL pitchers were asked to hit more often.

If he’s ready to pitch, which is one of the most violent actions a human can do to his body in the world of sports, surely he can take a few half-assed swings at the ball or run around the bases. Saying he’s being held back because of the lack of the DH rule sounds more like anti-National League propaganda to me.

6 Responses to "The Rosin Bag: Roy Halladay’s Turn"

  1. moonturko says:

    In this day and age, everything is about money. The AL pitchers are paid to pitch and don’t train to hit. You have freak injuries every year because of it. Which brings me to the other side of things.

    Teams need to get a reality check regarding their trainers if a pitcher gets hurt running bases. More specifically, Toronto. They’re losing guys left and right every single year. Lately the injury of choice has been the Tommy John surgery bummer out elbow.

    Is it the training staff? Or the coaching staff? Are these guys under trained and over pitched?

  2. moonturko says:

    Casey Janssens now on the DL.

  3. Mimglow says:

    Yep, Brad Mills being called up to start tomorrow.

    – Ottawa Sports Guy

  4. Steph D says:

    Normally, I’d be onside with you calling out Doc being sat out. But with this specific situation, I do tend to agree with the Jays front office to rest him. He’s barely coming off an injury, so why risk it by putting him into an unfamiliar situation? Being rehabbed enough to do something you practice constantly is one thing. Being rehabbed and confident in your body enough to come back and do something completely foreign to you is another.

    Yes, the DH rule should be abolished. But that’s more of a macro-level question. Micro-level, in this case, I don’t blame the Jays for holding him back an extra day or two to avoid that situation. If we were talking holding him out for a week, I’d reconsider, but I think here it’s reasonable caution.

  5. Mimglow says:


    All I know is that fingers are being pointed left and right. From Brad Arnsberg for pushing his guys too hard to JP for drafting guys who can’t handle the strain to the trainers who are responsible for the day to day health of the staff, everyone seems to have an opinion on what is going on.

    Surely there is a troubling pattern (why are the position players not breaking down like this?), but it’s probably impossible to pin-point who’s to blame.

  6. Steph D says:

    And now Scott Downs is on the DL for a toe injury running out of the batters box? Ya, I can understand why the finger pointing is happening, I’m scratching my head myself!