Gargs Mercied Again; Make That Seven Straight Losses

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No one fears these Gargoyles

No one fears these Gargoyles

OTTAWA (ODB) — Well, when it gets this bad, you’ve got to look for some positives.


And there were several, in the Ottawa Avnet Gargoyles 9-0 loss to the Acadiens Tuesday night at Hampton Yards.

Kevin Emmerson (L, 0-3) pitched a heck of a lot better than the linescore would indicate; proving again that one bad inning can have huge implications.
That inning was the third, which started off tamely with Emmerson retiring the first two batters. But a pair of walks and an error later, SomeGuy took a fastball deep over the left-field wall for a grand slam and a 5-0 Acadiens’ advantage.

“I don’t know what the f— happened in the third,” said Emmerson, over beers following the game. “That’s just one of those things that really burns, when you get the first two outs and then the tide turns so quickly,” said catcher Mark Brennae. “Emmerson was cruising along quite well, I thought. We had a good rhythm going and we were down by one, so it was looking good,” he said. “But when I saw the bat make contact with that ball, I knew we were in trouble.”

The grand slam proved the turning point, considering the Gargs’ lack of hitting in the early part of this season. The Men in Black managed but three hits and six baserunners on the evening, and of their 18 outs (yep, another mercy; the fourth in seven games), 11 were hit in the air — another indication of the Gargs season-long swoon at the plate.

“We really have to start hitting,” understated a Garg, over beers following the club’s seventh defeat in as many outings.

The Acadiens (3-5), scored one in the first, four in the third, one in the fifth and three more in the sixth, compared with the Gargs’ goose eggs across the board.

But, there was some good defence, particularly from Zach Schowalter, who moved over from third base to play shortstop, along with some snappy glove action from Emmerson, who made a couple of nice defensive plays on the mound.

The Gargs hustled and played a better team game, which was complimented by newcomer Neil, who played head’s-up ball in left field and Théo Gauthier who, returning from a two-game layoff, looked terrific at third base.

And Emmerson deserved a bit of some support, yes? “That may have been the best-pitched game of the season for us,” said one Garg, over beers. He was correct. Now. If the Men in Black can just get those bats going . . .

Gargs Largs: Theo and Mathieu Gauthier returned from Sudbury and report their father who underwent heart surgery there is recovering nicely following two stints under the knife. The Gargs family wishes its best for Mr. Gauthier . . . Some honest hustle from the speedy Mathieu unfortunately led to an out at second with a Garg at third in the fourth. Nice hustle, but wrong time, with two outs . . . Neil comes over the Gargs on a part-time basis, from Kevin’s other club, the HighSox, formerly known as the Bruins . . . The Gargs were playing their third straight game without all-star CF Bruce Turcotte. His shoulder is still a serious concern and the Gargs aren’t sure when he will return to the fold. Matthew Stephenson also was out of the lineup, watching the Gargs game on ESPN2 at a cottage . . . Brian McGregor hit three dingers in BP before the game . . . Weirdness at Whispers: some very drunken tart with a big butt and a bigger mouth was a particular nuisance. She swore like a sailor and wouldn’t leave the Gargs’ table, as uninvited as she was. To boot, she started hollering at Zach. At Zach? How does one pick an argument with the even-keeled Zach? Must have been the whiskey. But it might have been the gin . . . Quote of the night from an anonymous Garg on the quickness of the games thus far this season. You know the team isn’t performing well, he said, “when you spend more time at the bar than on the field.” Tuesday’s game clocked in at 1:18, a full 18 minutes more than the Gargs 15-4 loss to the Cards May 31. That’s progress, though, no? . . . The Gargs take on the Acadiens again, Monday night (9 p.m., Hampton Yards). The Men in Black are visitors and will have Ken (0-1) on the mound.

Glen McGregor 0-3
Kevin Emmerson 0-3
Mark Brennae 0-1 BB
Théo Gauthier 0-2
Zach Schowalter 0-2
Brian McGregor 0-2
Ken Wong 0-2
Neil 1-2 2B
Mathieu Gauthier 1-2 
Rick Devereux 1-2

Kevin Emmerson (L, 0-3) 61P 9 runs (7 earned) 10H 3BB 2K

Acadiens   1 0 4 0 1 3   9 10 2
Gargs        0 0 0 0 0 0   0 3 3
Time: 1:18

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