The Twit: Leave of Absence

Posted by Ottawa Sports GuyComments Off on The Twit: Leave of AbsenceMay 27, 2009


Thierry Henry: Deserving of the Cup

Thierry Henry: Deserving of the Cup

Last post before next week most likely, as I am attending to a family matter out of town. I will probably not have time to watch sports, let alone write about them. See you next week!

– Paging Doctor Halladay. Doctor Halladay to the operating room STAT!

– Looks like it will be a rematch of last year’s Stanley Cup final. If the Wings eliminate the Hawks tonight, do you think the NHL will get its ducks in order and move up the series, or will we go over a week without games?

– Is it cruel of me to wish for a Magic vs. Nuggets final in the NBA? 

– Champions League final this afternoon. I think I’m cheering for Barcelona. Yeah, I think so. Always been a fan of Thierry Henry’s, and I can’t stand Cristiano Ronaldo

– Pat Quinn is back in the NHL. At least he’s out West, where he can’t grate on my nerves too much.

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