The Rosin Bag: Think Positive

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy6 CommentsMay 21, 2009
Rickey Henderson: More electrifying than any slugger

Rickey Henderson: More electrifying than any slugger

It’s not that he’s wrong, it’s just that Jeff Blair always seems to be the first to jump headfirst into negativity when the Jays hit a rough patch. In his column in today’s Globe and Mail he points out the fact that sure, the Jays have a great record, but against the Yankees and Red Sox they are 1-4. Yeah, thanks, we know.

The Jays send rookie Robert Ray to the mound tonight against Jon Lester. If the Jays can find a way to beat these guys tonight, they leave Boston with a 2 1/2 game lead in the East going into a weekend series against the underwhelming Atlanta Braves.

Oh, inter-league play, how I loathe you. You see, I’m a traditionalist. In my mind the only time a National League team should play an American league team is the World Series. I never warmed to inter-league play, even when the Jays played the Expos (it’s the closest I came to liking it). It has taken away the novelty of the two leagues facing off for the championship.

No surprise there: I’m also totally against the Designated Hitter rule in the American League. I love the fact that managers in the National League are forced to make decisions once their pitcher goes deep into the game. Yes, I’m an advocate of small-ball, as opposed to just grip-it-and-rip-it baseball. I’ll take a Rickey Henderson over a Jim Thome every single time.

In essence, then, I suppose inter-league play is good for one thing, and that’s to see the Blue Jays play some real baseball. Cito is going to be forced into making decisions, which will quiet down all the haters (ok probably not). We can also see if Roy Halladay’s boasts about his hitting prowess are true!


– Aaron Hill still leads the Majors in hits with 64 (tied with Victor Martinez)

– Marco Scutaro still leads the Majors with 36 walks (tied with Adam Dunn) and 36 runs (tied with Adam Jones)

– Roy Halladay still leads the Majors with eight wins (Zach Greinke has 7) and overall awesomeness with infinite

6 Responses to "The Rosin Bag: Think Positive"

  1. Steph D says:

    I know this takes away from the Sign Pedro movement but looking over the list of available players on the trade market, there’s one name I want to throw out there for the Jays:

    Erik Bedard

    A starting pitcher that could chew up innings to help rest the young arms, which admittedly haven’t been quite as amazing of late (Robbie Ray prove me wrong!). Yes, he’s a Canadian, which is also a PR boost, but on the mound, he’s back to being the effective pitcher he was back in 06 & 07. He still has some good years left in him too, and would be the perfect replacement for AJ in the rotation… without being AJ.

  2. Ottawa Sports Guy says:

    Not so fast. According to most reporters who have had the displeasure of dealing with Monsieur Bédard, he’s quite the fruitcake, and not in a good way.

  3. Steph D says:

    Just the rumours of anti-Canadian journalists.


    (Whoa, I think I just felt my collar grow two inches!)

  4. Neate S. says:

    The DH should be the rule in each league, that’s how baseball is played in the 21s century. The NFL doesn’t ask the quarterback to play free safety anymore.

  5. Steph D says:

    Well, if we want to follow that logic, every baseball team should have an offense and a defense then. If it’s inane to ask a pitcher to bat “in the 21st century”, then asking a catcher (or any other position player) to bat is just as crazy.

    Imagine, a centre fielder batting. Ludicrous.

  6. moonturko says:

    I agree the DH should be in both leagues. I hate the fact Halladay will be hitting tonight. He’s not paid to do that. At the very least, insert a DH during inter-league play regardless of the park.