Musical Memory Box: Still Alive Edition

Posted by MimglowComments Off on Musical Memory Box: Still Alive EditionApr 28, 2011
Musical Memory Box: Still Alive Edition

(Last) Thursday’s Musical Memory Box solution: Here I go Again, Whitesnake, Saints And Sinners, 1982. Yes, it was originally released in 1982. I call this Pierre-Marc Perreault’s Revenge!

Why do I call it that? Poor Pierre-Marc felt victimized when I ruled that “Tears In Heaven” qualified under Clapton’s “Unplugged”, and not the studio version on the “Rush” soundtrack.

He got his revenge on all of you. I quizzed him about his knowledge of this too, and he went on elaborately about his mom loving Whitesnake, the cover of the album, etc. The man knows his Whitesnake!!

Many of you also felt compelled to mention Tawny Kitaen, the lovely model in the “Here I Go Again” video. Yes, it’s also the first thing I recall when I think of the song. She went on to marry Whitesnake’s singer, David Coverdale, and then the California Angels’ Chuck Finley, who at one point laid domestic abuse charges against him. Yes, a big-time baseball player was nothing in the way of Tawny’s temper. Yikes.

Pierre-Marc takes the reigns as guest-host today, in our return to MMB regularity.

Here are your lyrics for today:

“Push me up against the wall

Young Kentucky girl in a push-up bra”


Bonus MMB coverage – Tawny Kitaen’s mug shot.

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