Musical Memory Box: Route Change Edition

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Musical Memory Box: Route Change Edition

Monday’s Musical Memory Box solution: Just Like Heaven, The Cure, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, 1987. Jolene Piche, on her birthday, gets the bonus points!

Robert Smith was/is a weird dude. He was Billy Corgan before Billy Corgan. He was emo before emo was created by a record company executive. Not only that, but he looked kinda gay. “Whoa, Théo, you getting all homophobic on us all of a sudden”. No, but context is necessary.

The 80’s weren’t exactly a safe place for homosexuals, and considering that in 1987 I was 11 years old, hormones were beginning to go into overdrive, feeling a need to assert my heterosexuality in the face of the most common of school-yard insults being “faggot” (whether or not it was unleashed with any real reference to homosexuality was irrelevant), there seemed to be a need to distance one’s self from any “gay” point of reference. How ironic, then, that Poison, in all their make-up glory, was a huge  hit at my school and among friends.

Ah, but there was a difference between the glam metal boys and authentic groups like The Cure, was there not? Poison, Motley Crue, early Bon Jovi and so many others definitely exhibited “campy” elements, but you knew that they were winking at you and that you were in on the joke. The Cure were serious, gloomy, reflective, and Robert Smith’s androgynous persona made him persona non grata. Those were the realities of the  École Catholique André Cary recess.

I would have never picked up The Cure’s compilation album if it hadn’t been for Rock Band, mind you. In the newest iteration, the game added keyboards, and within the 70+ song collection found on disk was this song. I have become obsessed with the cutesy piano melody in the background, it really is awesome. It has also allowed me to revisit my feelings towards Robert Smith, this time freed from the stigma imposed on me by mid-80’s society.

Robert Smith was/is pretty cool.

Here are your lyrics for today:

“You put the boom-boom into my heart,
You send my soul sky-high when your lovin’ starts.
Jitterbug into my brain,
Goes a-bang-bang-bang ‘til my feet do the same.”

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