Musical Memory Box: Thirsty Toad Edition

Posted by MimglowComments Off on Musical Memory Box: Thirsty Toad EditionApr 15, 2011
Musical Memory Box: Thirsty Toad Edition

Thursday’s Musical Memory Box solution: Ordinary People, The Box, Closer Together, 1987. Karl Bélanger defies the bounds of human capacity by scoring the bonus points.

Here’s a band we have forgotten about that absolutely deserved better. How is it that we remember The Northern Pikes, Honeymoon Suite and Loverboy, but never mention The Box? Their stuff has aged much better, they had more gravitas than any of these bands, and come on, Sass Jordan was their backup singer!

There was just something about frontman Jean-Marc Pisapia’s look, or non-look as it was, that made me feel like he was like an older cousin or a cool uncle. Not only that, but they had lots of hits; “Ordinary People”, “L’Affaire Dumouthier“, “Closer Together“, “Crying Out Loud For Love“, “Carry On” and “Temptation” were all pretty big deals in this country. And wow, looking at that list, how do I not have their Greatest Hits on my iPod?

In fact, Serge as quite the recollection about “L’Affaire Dumouthier”:

“My liking of The Box began when we got Super channel actually. In
between movies, they would often play music videos and I remember seeing
and loving L’affaire Demouthier. Totally found it cool how this english
band had french in their song. Of course the band is from Quebec, but I
did not know that at the time. So a few years later, I’m fully into
music and The Box comes out with a new album. I got the cassette and two
songs stood out for me on it, Closer Together and Ordinary People.

And this nugget of knowledge goes out to my brother Roberto Langoize: The lead singer of The Box was a founding member of Men Without Hats.

Here are your lyrics for today:

“Mother, mother
There’s too many of you crying
Brother, brother, brother
There’s far too many of you dying
You know we’ve got to find a way
To bring some lovin’ here today, yeah”


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