Musical Memory Box: Mme Paillé Edition

Posted by MimglowComments Off on Musical Memory Box: Mme Paillé EditionApr 14, 2011
Musical Memory Box: Mme Paillé Edition

Wednesday’s Musical Memory Box solution: Clocks, Coldplay, A Rush Of Blood To The Head, 2002. Pierre-Marc Perreault gets Rémi Savard’s hate directed toward him, but thankfully his Kevlar Vest of Hate Protection +1 deflected most of it. I gotta get me one of those.

Coldplay, huge band, never “got” it, huge songs, nice to hum along, lead singer named his daughter “Apple”. Hmmm. Wife’s grandfather allegedly invented daylight savings time. Hmmph. Writes a song about time. Eureka.

A more in depth look, by Stéphane:

“This song got me into Coldplay, for a while. I thought Yellow was an okay song, but got on my nerves very quickly. The shoegazy whine wore out its novelty very quickly. (Frankly, it was done before, and better, by earlier BritPop acts) But Clocks was more upbeat, and the hook on the keys is one of the most addictive I’ve heard.

The whole Rush of Blood album was strong. Had a very U2+Radiohead sound to it. That said, Coldplay as a whole started getting on my nerves as well, and by the time X&Y came out, I couldn’t stand them anymore. It took a while before I gave X&Y a chance, waiting until I could be objective. It’s also a good album, but not quite on par with Rush of Blood. But again, I can only take so much. So when Viva la Vida came out, I was apprehensive. Turns out its got some catchy songs, but again, I wasn’t that impressed.

Maybe I’d have more patience for the band if they didn’t rip off other artists constantly, for their musical style, their persona, and in some cases, entire songs (see: Coldplay vs. Satriani, Joe, among others). Where there was much promise once, as the next big Brit innovator (U2 begat Radiohead begat Coldplay), they seem to have quickly acquiesced and gotten comfortable in their pop niche. Looking where Radiohead has pushed the entire music industry business-wise, Coldplay seems to have been left behind as a relic of the old business model. Pity.”

Here are your lyrics for today:

“We don’t understand much about those big shot politicians
Except for who’s got most of them firecrackers to blow up in our faces
Well, I’d bet my shirt that way back there in the U.S.S.R.
People think like you and me
Hoping life goes on, and nothing changes”

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