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Oh my, Gargs are 0h-for-5 after 9-0 loss to Wings

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OTTAWA (ODB) — O.K. This is getting serious. The Ottawa Avnet Gargoyles continued their stumble out of the 2009 OCSL season gate with another anemic performance at the plate, resulting in a predictable fifth straight loss. The Gargs 9-0 defeat at the hands of the Wings Tuesday night at Hampton Yards left them with an […]

The Twit: Leave of Absence

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  Last post before next week most likely, as I am attending to a family matter out of town. I will probably not have time to watch sports, let alone write about them. See you next week! – Paging Doctor Halladay. Doctor Halladay to the operating room STAT! – Looks like it will be a […]

Zoom Zoom: The Oval Trumps Monaco

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The competitive situation in Formula 1 is so dire right now that a bunch of open-wheel cars turning left 1000 times was more exciting than Monaco. A few weeks ago when I started noting that F1 races were boring, I thought it was an anomaly that would correct itself upon the return to more traditional […]

The Rosin Bag: Don’t Panic

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This was going to happen at some point. It happens to all the good teams, and the Jays were not going to be immune to it. The good news is that they’ve gone on a six game losing streak and are only a 1/2 game behind Boston in the A.L. East. Predictably, the Cito haters […]

Gargs Go Down Twice: Winless In Four

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy1 CommentMay 21, 2009

GATINEAU, Que. (ODB) — Eight hits were not enough. The Avnet Gargoyles were again stymied by decent pitching, en route to a doubleheader loss Wednesday night at tiny Parc Desjardins in Gatineau, Que. “That wasn’t pretty,” said one Garg, following losses of 7-1 and 11-0 on a humid night that produced little for the Gargs […]

The Rosin Bag: Think Positive

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy6 CommentsMay 21, 2009

It’s not that he’s wrong, it’s just that Jeff Blair always seems to be the first to jump headfirst into negativity when the Jays hit a rough patch. In his column in today’s Globe and Mail he points out the fact that sure, the Jays have a great record, but against the Yankees and Red […]

The Rosin Bag: Lord of the (Butter)Flies

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy4 CommentsMay 20, 2009

In French, the knuckleball pitch is called  “balle papillon”, which translates to “butterfly pitch”. My oh my was the butterfly fluttering last night. When I  see my team’s upcoming pitching matchups and “Tim Wakefield” shows up as an opponent, I can’t help but feel a spark of excitement within me as I ponder the prospect […]

The Rosin Bag: The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Posted by Ottawa Sports Guy3 CommentsMay 19, 2009

At what point does it become acceptable to truly believe in the 2009 Blue Jays? Should we wait for May to be over? The All-Star game? Do we need to get right into August and have the Blue Jays in the thick of a pennant race? Or is it ok, after 41 games (27 of […]

The Rosin Bag: Honours

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Gargs Lose 2nd Straight; Team Limited To 7 Hits In 17-6 Loss

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  OTTAWA (ODB) — Someone has stolen the Gargoyes bats. Or at least, has hidden them someplace far, far away from the batter’s box.    Just two nights after pounding out 13 hits, the Ottawa Avnet Gargoyles were limited to seven safeties in a 17-6 Broadway beatdown Thursday night at Hampton Yards. “That was ugly,” […]